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Our job is to focus entirely on payroll and we guarantee an efficient, easy and affordable solution for payroll management.

An outsourced payroll system avoids delayed payments, reduces the risk of paycheck errors and late payment penalties, and saves on time, money and human resource efforts, allowing your people to make more effective use of their work hours. It also avoids the inconvenience of employing specialized staff and keeping up-to-date with an ever changing legislative and procedural scenario. Our payroll management service suits businesses of any size - from small businesses having no in-house payroll facility, through to large companies which outsource the payroll process.

Meet & Agree

We set up a one-to-one meeting to fully understand your company and suggest the solution best suited to your needs. We explain the process involved, your company’s input and ours, together with the salary information required to kickstart your payroll outsourcing.

Data Handover

We manage the whole payroll process with minimal effort from your side. From salary calculations, tax and national insurance deductions, to the generation of payslips, payment of your employees. All information gathered is kept confidential and is used solely for payroll-related matters.

Reporting and Support

A number of reports are standard with the service, allowing further analysis of salary data. We focus exclusively on payroll and tackle any query that you or your employees might have. Our payroll management system is continuously monitored and will remain confidential at all times.

Features & Benefits

A single comprehensive source for all employee salaries, working hours, leave entitlement and tax related information.

Up-to-date list of employees with function of adding new employees and removing those no longer in employment.

Automated calculation of salaries & benefits due, leave & sick leave, tax & social security entitlements.

Liason with the relevant Government entities and management of all form submissions as necessary.

Guarantee that all taxes and payments due will be properly calculated, filed and paid in time, avoiding paycheck errors and late payment penalties.

Generation of electronic payslips and transference of direct payment to employees’ bank accounts made on time.

A team dedicated entirely to handling any payroll query and providing the best customer care to your employees.

Totally secure. Data is stored locally behind a CISCO firewall and an encrypted database.

We keep up with the latest employment law and regulations and implement the necessary changes to employee salary.



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