Employer of Record

We offer this service to local and overseas clients for both short or long-term projects, so you can reduce costs and focus on your business growth.

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Manage your team’s payroll without a Malta based entity

We will hire employees on your behalf, saving you the cost and time of setting up a legal entity while also ensuring compliance with local laws.

PayrollMalta will manage all the complex administrative tasks, including payroll, benefits and taxes, so you can focus on what matters—growing your business. Read more about EOR service on our blog

What we’ll do

PayrollMalta will provide local payroll calculations, register employees with the necessary authorities and settle any dues to the Commissioner for Revenue.

You will then receive a monthly invoice for the gross salary amount, including benefits, commissions and employer costs.

We will settle tax and social security contributions with the relevant authorities and remit the net salary to employees.

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Why use PayrollMalta as an Employer of Record?

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